About Me

Hello, I'm Lisa Lynne Wright.  I've been married 30 years to my best friend, Joe.  

I started stamping almost 20 years ago when I saw a demo of rubber stamps and embossing powders at a home expo show. Now I spend several hours a week exploring my favorite creative outlets - rubber stamps, paper, ink, and embellishments to create memorable greetings.

I added photography to my passions in 2005 - especially nature shots.  I shoot with a Canon 7D (recently), and previously with a Canon 20D.

My dear husband encourages me in both efforts - praises every creation, especially when I'm not happy with the results. And I'm blessed to have a circle close girlfriends who keep me on my toes - always supporting my efforts to someday make this a full-time way of life! It's great to have cheerleaders ready to rally your spirit.

I work full time managing Business Analysts, Tech Writers, and Software Developers, but my passion is exploring new creative outlets in paper crafts and photography.  Since I'm a "techie", if you visit often, you'll probably see changes in my blog layout over time - I'm learning!

Thanks so much for spending some time with me - I hope you find something that inspires your creativity if you’re a paper crafter or a photographer. Or if you are simply looking at my creations, I hope they bring you pleasure. Either way, I’d love to hear from you – leave a comment or send me an email. 

Like most paper crafters, I often CASE cards from blogs and galleries – there are SO many beautiful sources of inspiration. I’ll always let you know where I got my idea. If you find inspiration from any of my work and create your own version, I ask you to let people know you found your inspiration from me.

All content (including text, images, photographs, tutorials) is copyright © Lisa Lynne Wright, all rights reserved. 


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