Saturday, April 16, 2011

Smoky Mountain Springtime

Instead of card this weekend, I have a few photos for you.  I've been in the Smoky Mountains on a photography trip since last Wednesday, and won't be back at card making until early next week.  I'll have another Heartfelt Creations card for you on Wednesday, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share a few of the shots I've made on this trip.

Here's a shot of dogwoods in the early morning – very “Tennessean”!

This one is at Cade’s Cove.  I was really CadesCovePerspectivestruck with the green, green grass and the bits of blue sky.


The technique we were learning is called “Hyper-focal Focusing” – a wide angle shot with everything from about 1 1/2 feet to infinity all in focus.

The fence is very close, and the mountains very far…









This is another hyperfocal picture, also from Cade’s Cove.  The storms were moving in, and the wind was blowing wildly, but I still think the trees were captured pretty well.










And, I REALLY love my macro lens – here’s a close-up shot of some very interesting lichen on a old limb.Lichen_1 LadySlipper

We were a little early for the wildflowers – here’s a Lady Slipper that will be really beautiful in about a week.











And here’s a trillium that was in already fully in bloom.TrilliumAnd Warmed Up Streamwhat would the Smoky Mountains be without shots of the beautiful rivers.














Hope you enjoyed these peaks into my time at home in Tennessee – I’ll be back next Wednesday with more cards.

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I am so envious of your photography skills! Such beautiful makes me want to wait....I live here!

Olga said...

WOW you atake amazing shots! Perfect. The last one is my favorite. Don't ya love the BlueRidge mountains........Heaven on earth!

Kim Turner said...

Those are great!!!! I love your blog. Looking forward to reading it daily.

HappyCrafter said...

What gorgeous shots! Great scenery and you caught such lovely images--I especially like the trillium and dogwoods.

Shirley said...

TFS - I have the Dogwood in my backyard trees and they are just now shedding their leaves.

a simple offering said...

these are some great shots. i love any dogwood picture and anything from the mountains, forest, etc. i love the way the water turned out in the photos. great to see you. hope the trip back was good.

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