Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Birthday Bouquet


It's really late - well, early Sunday morning - and I'm just now writing my post for today, so I'm going to cheat just a little. I'm showing you a new creation, using a technique I blogged this summer. Hope you don't mind the reference back too much, but the pillow is calling me pretty urgently!!!

In a July post, I showed you how to make flowers using fabric and paper. It's a technique I am finding I use over and over! This is a bouquet of flowers I created as a birthday gift for a friend. I created the flowers and leaves, wired them to floral wire, and wrapped them with floral tape. Then the wire stems were punched into a styrofoam block, and placed in a flower pot. I added a little reindeer moss to cover the the styrofoam, and all done!

Birthday Bouquet

Again, my apologies for a short post early this morning, but I'm headed off to SLEEP!!! Have a wonderful fall Sunday...

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Anonymous said...

This is BEYOND beautiful!!! That's one lucky friend you have!! wow! :)

Helen said...

Lovely flowers - what a wonderful birthday gift!

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